John Cosplay Coat, as can be seen “in action” here.

£113.00/$177.85 from eBay.

NOTE: This item is made from corduroy and is VERY thin, would not be suitable as an actual jacket at all. The “leather” does look quite shiny/plastic and the buttons sometimes slip out; it’s not quite as good as the Sherlock coat (by the same sellers) but is still a good-quality item.

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    Oh my God… It’s so beautiful….. *WANT*
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    Oh it’ll be on the wish list for a LONG time. I can’t even afford to buy a soda right now. Good to have something to...
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    I am so going to make this coat. Bet I can do it better. Plus, it’s kind of badass, and if I make it from a decent heavy...
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    Wearing my nice, thick cream jumper underneath really did help a load. :3 I hope you manage to get it!
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