SALE!: Dandy and CHARMing

imageSassy charms inspired by Space Dandy and his dandy crew! I love Team BBP and there’s so little Dandy stuff out there that I figured I’d make some for funz :)

SALE!: Dandy and CHARMing

Each charm is ~2” tall (Dandy is a bit larger, closer to 2.5”), die-cut on metallic gold-style acrylic, with a shimmery edge and glossy back. Meow even comes with a bonus Carpaccio ;) I REALLY LOVE CARPACCIO OKAY.

The charms are bright and colorful, and make great keychains and little fun accessories.

Please pop on over to my little shop and take a look :D I also have other little Layton-inspired trinkets for anyone who’s a fan of that as well :)

Any interest is greatly appreciated, as well as re-blogs and signal boosts! Quantities are limited, so first-come, first-serve for as long as stock lasts :D Thanks for looking! :D

Please check out my Little Shop of Zilla! :D

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Rei and Nagisa have just started dating when Rei is whisked off to a training camp by himself. He returns to find that his boyfriend is much more…tall…and beautiful?!

Preorders are $10 and I ship everywhere!

18+, 34 pg (2 color, 32 b/w), perfect bound with glossy cover

Shipping will start the first week of November. First 50 preorders get a free FUTURE FISH prism bookmark!

Preorders also get a free PDF version when they become available! (Around the end of September)

This is what I’ve been working on for the past few months~ It’s hella sparkly and gay and yooo bottom Rei is IMPORTANT.


Here are the FUTURE FISH bookmarks that come free with the first 50 preorders! I’ll mark on the Metamorphosis! preorder page when they fill up!

And thank you everyone for preordering!! I’m ~*reallyreally*~ excited about this book. :> I will also be selling just the PDF online later this month. 

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Lorne and Lester A4 print set - £13.50/$22.34

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BBC Sherlock inspired tote bag - $21.00/£13.37

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MJN Air notebook - $20.00/£12.39

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Y’all have literally been asking for a sampler set for these blends for like, decades, and there’s one available THIS WEEKEND ONLY. I say that, but if it sells well enough, it’ll be around ALL THE TIME, so do me a solid, go and hook yourself up with some quality tea, and maybe consider hooking your friends and family and pets up too. Hey, the holidays are coming, right? Everyone wants Avengers themed teas.


Actually you know what I have a random spare $13 Adagio gift certificate, so if you reblog this and signal boost it, I’ll pick one of those reblogs at 12:01 Monday and if you’re in the states (sorry everyone else) I’ll let you pick out any of the legally revamped Avengers teas and I’ll send you a full bag of it for freeeee.

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BBC Sherlock phone cases (Available for iPhone 5/5s, 5c, 4/4s, iPod 5, Galaxy S3, S4 and S5) - from $15.88/£10.11 each

'Living in a world of goldfish'

'Put your trousers on'

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Cabin Pressure badge set - $5.00/£3.10

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Supernatural Pop vinyl figures - £8.99/$14.51 each




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99 Stickerats - A 5 sheet Professor Layton sticker set - $20 on storenvy

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.@teebusters have a fun John Watson quotes tee on sale today. Use the above discount for 10% off


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Accio Keys keyring - £5.50/$9.35 each

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We’ve opened up a Storenvy for our leftovers from San Diego Comic Con! There is a very limited supply, so do head on over. We’ve got two shirt designs, tote bag, and lots of fab buttons.

Featuring the art of kowabungadoodles, sketchlock, & inchells.

Go browse and buy at http://bakerstreetbabes.storenvy.com/

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Sherlock t-shirt on Unamee for six days only - from $11/£6.63 each

(Eight other BBC Sherlock designs from various artists are available for the same price here)

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TARDIS earrings - $14.99/£9.05

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