They look so gorgeous and the colours are so pretty and vibrant and the acrylic looks beautiful! I’m so pleased with these

If you’d like to order one please go here!

$7 on Storenvy!

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Science Brofists Tee - from $27.90/£16.68
Hand made Iron Man inspired fingerless gloves - $30.07/£17.98
Stark Industries cap - $18.99/£11.35
Iron Man paper toy download - $25.00/£14.95

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Eat the Rude t-shirt - from $24.50/£14.63
This is my Design necklace - from $16.41/£9.80
This is my Design sticker - $2.90/£1.73
Somebody Please help Will Graham wristband - $4.00/£2.39

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"fight like a girl" is meant to imply weakness, but some girls don’t play nice.

♥ available for a limited time only ♥ 

$12 on storenvy!

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toomanystarstocount: Hi! Because WTNV is produced for free the creators have asked that no one sells or advertises for those selling WTNV products :)

Understood! Theres multiple people behind this blog so somthimes we get crossed wires! Its been taken down x

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I’m so excited to announce that my design King of England is going to be featured on

It will be up for 48 hours starting April 7th for $11!!!


Hurry and grab one while they’re out!!!!!! :D

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Animal Crossing: New Leaf maple wood necklaces available on Etsy for $10 each. (The Timmy and Tommy set is available for $12.)

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Game of Thrones from various Etsy stores.

Daenerys Khaleesi inspired necklace - $21.42/£12.88
House of Stark eReader/iPad case - from $48.95/£30.19
House badges - $1.00/£0.62 each
Mother of Dragon’s t-shirt - $35.00/£21.59 (Available as a tank top here)
Night Watch phone case (several models available) - $22.99/£14.18

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The Johnlock Shirt. Only at the Three Patch Podcast Con Suite at 221B Con (April 4-6, 2014). Limited quantities available! 

We are open Friday & Saturday 9 a.m. to 2 a.m., and Sunday 9 a.m. to noon. Come by and check it out! 


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Sherlock Fanart Prints

There are ten copies per motif, size A4 (29,7 x 21 cm). The motifs are:

  1. The Sound of Murder
  2. Sherlock Holmes and the Fate of London
  3. None of the cabs would take me
  4. Sherlock
  5. Taxi
  6. A short rest
  7. Circle of Fifths
  8. The Detective on the Roof
  9. Rainy Day
  10. The Beast of Baskerville (four drawings on one print)

I’m selling them at 5 Euros each, 2,50 Euros of which I’d like to use as a donation to support my cycling team for the Palace to Palace Cycle Ride in October. Last year my dad and I managed to raise £500 for the Prince’s Trust. It’d be cool if we could top that amount this year. You may of course donate more if you want ;).

There are still some Sherlock after the Fall and 30 Days of Johnlock fanbooks left, as well as Sherlock ABC prints.

The books are 7,50 Euros each, or 12 Euros together, the ABC print is 2,50 Euros.

If you’re interested in any of the stuff, please email me at khorazir[at]yahoo[dot]com. Payment is best via PayPal but if that doesn’t work for you we can arrange some other method. Shipping is 3,50 Euros for international mail.

For Tolkien, Beowulf and Temeraire prints you can also check my Artflakes site, for Sherlock T-Shirt designs my shop at Spreadshirt.

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Everything’s back on pre-order! Check ‘em out here.

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Johnlock prints by shootbadcabbies on Redbubble - From £8.11/$13.12

'A Birthday Present'

Artist’s tumblr is:

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Catching Fire sweatshirt - $28.00/£17.42
Temporary Mocking jay tattoo - $3.67/£2.22
'May the odds…' pencils - set of six - $5.93/£3.50
'Train…' Women's workout shirt - from $19.99/£12.44 (other colours available)
Minimalist poster - $20.00/£12.44

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Doctor Who, Harry Potter & Game of Thrones inspired lip balms on Etsy

Tinted Doctor Who companions set - $23.00/£14.30
Butterbeer flavour - $4.00/£2.49
Sonic Screwdriver - $4.00/£2.49
Winter is Coming - $4.00/£2.49

The tinted companions lip balms are available to buy for $5.00/£3.11 each:


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The Hobbit wooden charms - $6 each

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