Merlin bookmark - £6.47/$10.38

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Handmade Spock Owl - $31.34/£19.53

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Harry Potter House Beanies - $9.99/£6.22 each

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Avengers inspired key chains - £2.49/$4.10 each

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Doctor Who Monopoly (PRE-ORDER) - £31.99/$51.42

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High Functioning Sociopath brooch - £7.00/$11.53

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What were you planning to hang on your wall for the 2015 calendar year? Perhaps some tasteful cottage landscapes? Puppies rolling in the grass? Mountain ranges? Flower bouquets? Were you not planning anything at all, just grabbing the first who-cares-what out of the bargain bin? Well, Countershot Press and 7 other exceptional webcomic artists are here to save you from these annual woes with something so daring, so gallant, so robust, so utterly PG-13, it can only be called


We’ve rounded up…

E.K. Weaver of The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal
Kelly Turnbull of Manly Guys Doing Manly Things
Ash G. of Monster’s Garden
Amy King of The Muse Mentor
Cami Woodruff of Doomsday, My Dear
Beckey Grundy of String Theory
G.C. Houle of H&J
Lily Hoyda of Bad Reputation
Tish Doolin of Modus Operandi
Nancy King of Boss Monster
Rosa Lee Marnie of Mythos
Miri Chamberlain of Riverside Extras

…and these 12 courageous creators have assembled an astonishing flock of fellows that is sure to communicate three things to all who see it, no matter the month:

  1. You have good taste.
  2. You enjoy webcomics.

You are at liberty to hang MANCALENDAR wherever you like, so as to be sure to advertise to as many people as possible your refined appreciation of many different men in many different webcomics. Feel free to display MANCALENDAR in your home, your workplace, dorm rooms, your friend’s home, your grandma’s kitchen, your favorite hair salon, public restrooms, your car windshield, subway station garbage cans, the zoo, or even… on your computer. Stick this baby over your monitor and you’ll never forget the date (until 2016 rolls around) again! Delight in the tantalizing features of MANCALENDAR:

  • Full color 12 month calendar! We have all of the days and weeks present.
  • All the content is PG-13, and safe for…well for wherever it’s safe to look at PG-13 drawings of cartoon hunks.
  • Opens up to 11”x17”, with the illustrations of your favorite webcomic beaus at 11”x8.5”. 
  • The inside pages are printed on a suave matte gloss, and…
  • The outside covers are sturdy gloss cardstock.

By this point, you might be saying to yourself… but how do I PURCHASE a MANCALENDAR? You’re in luck, because that might be the least wordy part! Simply hurry over to our store, rustle up $20 plus shipping and handling, input all your information, and VOILA! Come mid-November, we will be shipping out calendars to you, and you can then mark DOWN the days on your current 2014 calendars til the day they will become obsolete, forever.

Here it is, one more time…

Please note! Wherever you decide MANCALENDAR is best displayed, you will probably want to make sure it’s there by January 1st, 2015, or perhaps even by the 2014 holiday season, so as to enjoy its full 12 month guarantee of manful time-keeping eminence. So be sure to order by October 30th, 2014 in order to receive it as promptly as possible, and in good time for the start of the new year.

Thank you for reading, and don’t delay — make space for a MAN on your wall today!

I’M IN THIS! Well not - no like, not me - Esteban is! Esteban from The Muse Mentor is in here (he’s on the preview image, shhh)! Also a TON of my friends have art in here, and I’m REALLY excited about it!!

Would you perhaps like a calendar for 2015 that gives a little support to me and to the phenomenal list of webcomic artists listed above? Seriously… look at that list! If so, PLEASE consider giving this a purchase or, at the least, maybe sharing with your own followers. Thanks, and a very, very preemptive happy new year!

MANCALENDAR? Mancalendar.

MANCALENDAR! A reminder about a thing you can buy!

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Dipper and Mabel Pines phone charms - $3.50 each on Etsy

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'Future Doctor' baby onesie - $16.00/£10.07

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Bellatrix Lestrange phone case - £11.95/$20.00

(Available for iPhone 5, 5c, 4/4s, Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, S5, S3 mini & S4 mini)

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Black Widow handmade crochet plush doll - £23.92/$38.00

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SALE!: Dandy and CHARMing

imageSassy charms inspired by Space Dandy and his dandy crew! I love Team BBP and there’s so little Dandy stuff out there that I figured I’d make some for funz :)

SALE!: Dandy and CHARMing

Each charm is ~2” tall (Dandy is a bit larger, closer to 2.5”), die-cut on metallic gold-style acrylic, with a shimmery edge and glossy back. Meow even comes with a bonus Carpaccio ;) I REALLY LOVE CARPACCIO OKAY.

The charms are bright and colorful, and make great keychains and little fun accessories.

Please pop on over to my little shop and take a look :D I also have other little Layton-inspired trinkets for anyone who’s a fan of that as well :)

Any interest is greatly appreciated, as well as re-blogs and signal boosts! Quantities are limited, so first-come, first-serve for as long as stock lasts :D Thanks for looking! :D

Please check out my Little Shop of Zilla! :D

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Rei and Nagisa have just started dating when Rei is whisked off to a training camp by himself. He returns to find that his boyfriend is much more…tall…and beautiful?!

Preorders are $10 and I ship everywhere!

18+, 34 pg (2 color, 32 b/w), perfect bound with glossy cover

Shipping will start the first week of November. First 50 preorders get a free FUTURE FISH prism bookmark!

Preorders also get a free PDF version when they become available! (Around the end of September)

This is what I’ve been working on for the past few months~ It’s hella sparkly and gay and yooo bottom Rei is IMPORTANT.


Here are the FUTURE FISH bookmarks that come free with the first 50 preorders! I’ll mark on the Metamorphosis! preorder page when they fill up!

And thank you everyone for preordering!! I’m ~*reallyreally*~ excited about this book. :> I will also be selling just the PDF online later this month. 

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Lorne and Lester A4 print set - £13.50/$22.34

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BBC Sherlock inspired tote bag - $21.00/£13.37

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